Helping people love
themselves and others better.

I support people in creating authentic, meaningful, vibrant relationships on their own terms – starting with the one they have with themselves.

My coaching programme is suited to all open and eager souls, whether single or partnered.

Need some inspiration to fill in your joy and energy tanks?

To stay in touch with what matters, feel radiant, and live and love stronger?

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Many of us suffer from low self love. Between society’s expectations, the limiting stories we tell ourselves and the lack of confidence these lead to, it’s easy to lose touch with who we are and what we really stand for.

Caught up in our busy lives, we look away from problems and just keep on going, sliding away from our true needs and desires, losing our strength, joy and creative energy as we go. And in the end everyone loses: you can’t take care of anyone if you’re running on empty, truly connect with others if you’ve lost yourself, or share your gifts if they’re hiding deep inside you!


  • I know I have more to live and to give, but I feel stuck
  • I’m always asking others for advice
  • I can’t help people-pleasing
  • I’m such a perfectionist that it slows me down or stops me from doing things
  • I feel limited by my fears
  • Taking care of myself always comes last and I feel drained all the time
  • Where is the joy and fun? It’s like I’m enduring my life rather than living it
  • I’m a passionate free spirit deep down, but I’m not living it out!

If the answer is yes, I can support you on a joyful journey of self discovery where you’ll learn to get back in touch with your own inner voice, embrace your difference, and get your spark back!

Relationships are central to our lives, yet we tend to go on autopilot and forget to make them a priority. And as we’re often not taught the key skills to make them work, we repeat patterns that do not serve us and end up damaging those precious connections.


  • My partner has become more of a flatmate… most of what we share is practical and humdrum, and I’m feeling boredom and disconnection growing
  • There’s a lot of love in my relationship, but no desire
  • My partner and I keep getting stuck in never-ending conflicts that damage our relationship
  • I feel unfulfilled in my relationship, but I’ve lost touch with myself and don’t even know what I need
  • I’m having a “should I stay or should I go” relationship dillemma
  • I need support and guidance with my less conventional choices. It’s not always an easy path to be (for example):
    • – childless by choice
    • – living apart from my partner
    • – in a consensual non-monogamous relationship
  • I’m single and serious about finding a partner, but my dating experience is disappointing and I just can’t find that special relationship

My coaching framework can help you by looking into more beneficial ways of relating and putting in place practices that encourage love to grow – whether you’re solo or in a relationship.

Need some inspiration to fill in your joy and energy tanks?

To stay in touch with what matters, feel radiant, and live and love stronger?

Get your Vibrant, Alive and Connected Checklist!




I offer one-on-one coaching based on a solid framework rooted in psychology. I also use inspiring figures, stories, art and culture as tools for unlocking deeper truths.

Better self love

6 x 60-minute weekly 1:1 sessions package

Better relationship(s)

6 x 60-minute weekly 1:1 sessions package

Punctual Help Session

1 individual session of 60 minutes

Hi! My name is Marie and I’ve always been deeply curious about the way people love – often finding myself the attentive recipient of people’s deepest intimate stories, be them my closest friends or complete strangers on a bus ride.

I believe that relationships are crucially important – not only because they give meaning to our lives, but also because they are key to a healthier, happier society!

This passion turned into years of studying the subject, and the creation of a solid framework rooted in psychology to help people connect with themselves and others with more depth, integrity, compassion and joy.

Marie has been an inspirational and motivational life & relationship coach for me for quite some time now. I honestly don't think I could have survived the covid lockdown without her light, wisdom, and guidance!


Book your free 30 minutes discovery call so we can look into your specific needs and see how we could work together! I’ll also answer any questions you may have about the coaching process.